Video Transcript: What is a doctor looking for during an eye exam?

An eye exam provides an opportunity to do several really important things. First of all, make sure that a person is seeing as well as they should – Reading small letters on the chart so they can drive safely, so that they can read comfortably, and we can all learn from that. Another important aspect is the health of the eyes themselves. Diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other conditions can cause some serious effects to your vision that most people don’t understand because they have no symptoms that are associated with them. And finally, what most people are used to in an eye exam is the ability to provide a focus in the sharpest manner possible and that’s the typical which is better 1 or 2 that people go through as they are trying to get their eyes in optimal focus. This allows them to see well and also perform optimally in their work or applications.