Video transcript: Is Blue Light bad and can it harm your eyes?

Now we’ve known about the dangers of ultraviolet light for a long time and we’ve all learned to take precautions, wear hats, wear sunglasses, use sunscreen if we are going to be outdoors and exposed to the sun for a long period of time. In addition to ultraviolet light though we have learned more in recent years about the dangers of high energy blue light.  High energy blue light sits right next to ultraviolet in the overall spectrum of light. Think the blue end of the rainbow. And the sunlight, the sun is the greatest source of blue light exposure. However, in nature the sun goes down every night and our exposure to blue light is reduced. When that occurs, our body produces chemicals to help to prepare us for sleep. What has changed in recent years, is that we are exposed to increasing amounts of blue light from TVs, computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and even LED light bulbs. The increased exposure to blue light may put us at greater risk for accelerating the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. But it can also disrupt our sleep patterns as our body is not getting the same triggers to produce those chemicals to help to prepare us for sleep. So we’re learning more and more about blue light but exposure to it certainly does seem to have some damaging effects.