Premium advice on vision insurance: How to use your benefits

Imagine this scenario: You’re flipping through your email. You see you were tagged in a Facebook post but several emails down you also received a link to check out what’s new with your vision benefits plan.

Which will you read first?

Why is the allure of seeing the latest on social media too great for some to miss, while we don’t even give our vision benefit plans a second glance? Did you know that 6 in 10 eyeglass prescriptions involve a vision plan, yet many people are unclear about how to use their vision benefits?1 Case in point: only 14% of Americans understand common insurance terms such as “co-pay” and “allowance,” according to the Journal of Health Economics.2

Even human resource professionals are unclear. A survey revealed that while 97% linked a visit to the eye doctor with getting a new prescription, just 60% equated it with diagnosing eye disease.3

It’s actually easier than you would think to be an educated consumer. Following are 10 benefit facts that will have you covered.

10 things to know about your vision benefits:

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