Make a Date for Your Eyes: Your Annual Exam

Getting your eyes checked can help you be the vision of health.

You may think you need an eye exam only when it’s time to update your eyewear prescription. But the truth is, eye exams are about a lot more than seeing whether you need a new pair of glasses or contacts. Comprehensive eye exams play an important role in your overall wellness, and you should get one every year for optimal vision health. Besides measuring your vision, regular eye exams can help identify early signs of certain chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.1

During an eye exam, your doctor will check all aspects of your vision, including your eye’s structure and how well the eyes work together. Based on the exam results, your doctor will recommend a solution that is right for your eye health and vision care needs. Annual eye exams enable your doctor to monitor the health of your eyes and track changes that can occur from year to year.1 For example, subtle changes in the retina can be a warning sign of high blood pressure.1

So even if you don’t need vision correction, it’s important to take charge of your eye care. When you get your eyes checked every year, you’re helping your eyes—and possibly your whole body—stay well.

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