LASIK with the “assist”

Ali Krieger shares her experience off the soccer field

You might know Ali Krieger best for helping her team win the 2015 World Championship or her all-star performance playing professional soccer at the highest level in the United States. What you might not know is she recently underwent LASIK eye surgery at LasikPlus to help improve her vision.

LASIK is the most performed laser eye surgery in the world and treats myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. LASIK is a FDA approved procedure that reshapes the cornea to enable light to be focused onto the retina for clearer vision.1

Inspired by the benefits and convenience of LASIK, especially the idea of being less depending on glasses and contacts while on the soccer field, Ali started the process with a free consultation.

Click on this link to hear about Ali’s experience as a sponsored #LasikPlusAmbassador, and why the 15-year international and world champion professional walked away from LASIK saying, “I now feel more confident and stronger than ever both on and off the soccer field!”.

Ready to try it yourself?

The procedure takes about 15 minutes and many patients have immediate results with a quick recovery.2

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