Importance of eye exams brought to you by LensCrafters®

Importance of eye exams brought to you by LensCrafters®

Transcript: Hi, my name is Dr. Bradley Powers. I’m an optometrist at Eye Associates of Columbia, located inside of LensCrafters® in Columbia, SC and today I’ll be talking about the importance of Annual Eye exams and what you can do to make sure you live a life with great vision.

While annual visits to your Optometrist, Dentist or general physician can seem inconvenient and never ending. They are all a very critical part of preventative care.

When it comes to your eyes there are many conditions that can be treated or even have your vision partially, if not completely, restored. However, due to how fragile and delicate the structures in your eyes are, there are others that can result in permanent loss of vision or blindness.

When you have an annual eye exam your doctor is doing more than just giving you a new prescription to get an updated pair of glasses or CLs. They are evaluating some of the most intricate tissues in the body (the back of the eye) and are checking to make sure you have no signs of underlying conditions that could lead to more serious issues.

For children it is especially important to have a full eye exam before they start their first year of school. Many eye conditions can go undetected even at a standard wellness check with your pediatrician. While those tests are good at detecting large issues, many conditions are subtle and can only be detected during a comprehensive eye exam by a licensed Optometrist. These conditions when untreated can cause your child to struggle and start school a step behind and if left untreated can become permanent if not corrected at a young age.

Remember, an annual eye exam is much more than about getting an updated prescription – we look forward to seeing you this year.