Here’s Looking at You – in Prescription Sunglasses

woman cycling

Find the perfect pair for every style under the sun, and every activity.

If you wear eyeglasses and spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to consider prescription sunglasses. Providing convenience, comfort and protection, they can enhance your time outside. And today you have many choices when it comes to finding a pair that won’t break the bank. Frames, lenses, color and tint are part of a wide range of options that makes it easy to find the perfect pair for your lifestyle and your budget.

How you spend your time outside can you help determine what type of prescription sunglasses is best for your needs.

Are you sporty and active? Polycarbonate lenses may be for you.1

Lightweight and shatterproof, these lenses are ideal if you have an active lifestyle or play sports. Polycarbonate naturally blocks almost all UV rays, so these glasses don’t need additional UV coating. However, they can scratch, so use a lens hardener or similar coating to help protect them.

Consider yourself a style guru? Try on high-index lenses.

High-index lenses bend light more efficiently, meaning light travels faster through these lenses than traditional lenses. High-index lenses can offer the same degree of visual correction using less material, which results in thinner lenses and less weight to your glasses.

No matter what type of prescription sunglasses you choose, be sure you select lenses that completely block the sun’s harmful UV rays. Optometrists recommend wearing sunglasses that deliver the highest level of UV protection—100 percent.1

Prescription sunglasses are more stylish, durable and affordable than before. If you are interested in prescription sunglasses, talk to your eye care professional today, who can help you choose the right pair so that you can enjoy the great outdoors even more.

1. “The heat is on: Ensure patients’ protective eyewear is, too,” American Optometric Association, July 2022.