When dust gets in your eyes – a to-do list for workplace vision safety

We’ve heard of taking the red-eye home from a business trip. But for roughly 2,000 people every day, red-eye can be a regular work floor occurrence.

That’s roughly the number of U.S. workers who sustain daily job-related eye injuries that require medical attention, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.1  The causes of these injuries can range from flying wood chips to infections, or be as typical as dust. If you’ve ever had so much as an eyelash in your eye, you can imagine how upending it can be.

Two key factors contribute to these injuries: Either the workers aren’t wearing any eye protection, or they aren’t wearing the proper protection for the job (regular eyeglasses may not be enough).

This bit of eye safety can make a huge difference. Safety experts and eye doctors estimate that correct eye protection can lessen or prevent 90 percent of eye injuries.2 Like those odds? Then read on for a to-do list on eye safety.

10 ways to keep your eyes safe:

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