Contacts with a New Level of Comfort

Technology for contact lenses is continually improving to provide the most comfortable experience for wearers. Let’s tackle an uncomfortable topic—dry, red eyes—and look at how lens technology is pioneering new solutions in the quest for comfort. As most everyone can attest, dry, red eyes can almost make you want to cry. The dryness. The irritation. The blinking. If you’re rubbing your eyes just thinking about it, we are too.

Here’s the thing: Our eyes naturally maintain a healthy, comfortable layer of moisture. But a number of factors can throw off that delicate moisture balance. Being tired is a big one. Air-conditioned rooms, smoke, dust and wind—all of these airborne irritants can play a role as well. Even prolonged staring at a computer screen deserves some blame (reading this article excepted).

For those who wear contacts, another culprit could be lurking behind red eyes: the lenses themselves. General wearer discomfort at the end of the day can mean your eyes aren’t getting what they need, like enough moisture or oxygen. To maximize your comfort when wearing contact lenses, ask your doctor to make sure your lenses have the following properties:

Ahh, it’s more O2. Silicone hydrogel is a new contact lens material that optimizes the amount of oxygen carried to your eyes, so they stay fresh and healthy.

1. High oxygen transmissibility: An innovative contact lens material is silicone hydrogel, a soft, gel-like plastic that is used to optimize the amount of oxygen carried to your eyes, so they stay fresh and healthy.

2. Low stiffness: Flexibility and fit are important to enable the lens to better contour to the eye.

3. Long-lasting wettability and lubricity: Ideally, your lenses should stay wet and smooth to ensure that your eyes are comfortable throughout the day.

If your current contact lenses have all of the qualities above, your dryness or discomfort may be due to a level of ocular surface disease that your eye care professional can help you manage.

Combine these elements and the result is so comfortable, it almost feels like you aren’t wearing any contacts at all.

  1. Article information courtesy of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., makers of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. Visit for more information.