Healthy contact lens habits

More than 40 million Americans use contact lenses1 and over 80% of them are guilty of at least one bad lens behavior2. That’s a lot of dirty contacts and a lot of potential risk for infections. Whether you are a contact lens wearing veteran or you just started wearing them last week, it is never too early for a reminder on what to do and not to do when it comes to your eye health.

Contact lens do's and dont's

Follow these contact lens do's and dont's to help protect your vision. Infections related to poor contact lens behavior are no joking matter and can even lead to vision loss. Stay on top of a good routine and don’t forget to visit your eye doctor before your supply runs out.

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Keep your contact lens care in check

Life gets busy and things happen. But that’s no excuse to dabble in risky business. Your eye health is serious and a few simple tips can help keep your contacts and your eyes in tip-top shape.

  • Washing Hands iconWash your hands
  • Glasses iconCarry a spare pair of glasses
  • Clean Contacts iconKeep contacts moist and clean
Contact Lens Dos and Donts

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