EyeMed: Benefits of staying in-network


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EyeMed: Benefits of staying in-network

Benefits of staying in-network

Video transcript It’s not secret or surprise – it’s the EyeMed network. America’s fastest growing vision benefits company. That means loads of choice and less hassle. But the best part? EyeMed members save more in-network with more choice. Our network …

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son sitting on dads shoulders

When should kids start wearing contacts?

There’s a fair chance your kid could be squinting. Here’s why. Nearsightedness among children is on the rise, doubling to more than 40% from 20% since the 1970s, according to recent research by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.1 That means …

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two children laying upside down on a couch

Heading back-to-school during COVID-19

The global pandemic ended the 2020 school year in extraordinary ways — shuttering physical schools, pushing students to home learning models for the final quarter of the year and squashing extra-curricular activities. Summer looks different, too, with some pools and …

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5 sunglasses styles for a bright 2022

Face it, we sometimes rush into choosing our sunglasses. And it doesn’t always work out. Selecting the right pair of shades takes a little education. Are they packing the right treatments, such as UV protection and polarization to cut glare? …

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man at his desk

How lifestyle lenses could help improve your work life

Whether it’s work, home or play, most of us prepare ourselves from head to toe to adjust to different activities and environments. It could be a mistake to skip your eyes, especially at the workplace. An estimated 75% of people …

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eye doctor and child

A look behind the eyes: what your eye doctor sees

You may be able to read a street sign clearly from 100 paces away, but good vision doesn’t always guarantee good eye health. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure — these are among some conditions eye doctors watch out for …

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Smoked Salmon Salad

Bon EYEppetit: Smoked salmon salad

Fin-tastic for your eyes Zest up your salad (and your eyes) with lemony-dill dressing drizzled over smoked salmon, avocado and crunchy cucumber on a bed of spinach. The smoked salmon is full of fin-tastic vision nutrients – like zinc and …

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daughter kissing mom on cheek

Vea el mundo a través de Transitions®

Los lentes inteligentes que se vuelven cada vez más brillantes Le llamaremos “cambio al salir de las sombras” a ese momento en el que nos vamos de una habitación oscura, salimos a la luz y nos detenemos, entrecerramos los ojos …

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How to choose an eye doctor

Cómo elegir un oftalmólogo

Es posible que rodearnos de personas que ven las cosas como lo hacemos nosotros sea parte de la naturaleza humana. Pero también deberíamos tomar en cuenta a algunas personas que vean las cosas de manera un poco diferente. Esto es …

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women in headphones

Miopía: una mirada de cerca a una afección que amenaza la vista

¿Qué hace que las hojas se vean como manchas verdes, es más larga que redonda y la comparten casi la mitad de las personas que conoce? La respuesta está más cerca de lo que piensa. La miopía es la causa …

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Presbyopia: Bringing a vexing condition into focus:

Presbicia: enfoque en una afección preocupante

Para muchos de nosotros, se puede decir que la vida puede volverse borrosa después de cerca de los 40 años. O, al menos, la forma en la que vemos la vida. Lo decimos literalmente. La presbicia, con frecuencia conocida como …

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a father and daughter using a digital tablet together at home

Your vision and the rundown on ‘digital detox’

It may not involve food or drink, but the latest detoxification trend sweeping the globe does involve something most of us consume in excess — and it hits us square in the eyes. It’s called digital detox, and some may …

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Bon EYEppetit: Holly jolly holiday platter

Veggie wreath and dip

Give your eyes a reason to be healthy and bright this holiday season with a holly jolly appetizer full of nourishment for your eyes. Encircled in a potpourri of fresh vegetables, including kale and broccoli (both containing the carotenoids lutein …

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  • Source: Optometrists Network, Vision Therapy for Learning, April 2021.