How to choose an eye doctor

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How to choose an eye doctor

How to choose an eye doctor

It may be human nature to surround ourselves with people who see things the way we do. But we should also include a few who see things a little differently. This applies especially to your eye doctor. The person you …

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Billie Jean King

Love the exam, love your eyes: 4 ways an annual visit can improve your life

Here are words worth reading twice: An eye exam can make legends. Just ask Billie Jean King.As a youth, the future World No. 1 professional tennis player couldn’t figure out why her game wasn’t improving. Then when she had trouble …

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Vision and Hearing

Social sense: When vision and hearing make it hard to connect

Close your eyes and think of your favorite holiday. Let it sink in.  Chances are you can recall specific sights, sounds, tastes and smells. It’s a sensory feast. But, what if one of your senses has changed? What if you …

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Use your FSA dollars on vision

5 Things to know about Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Your FSA checklist Check your FSA guidelines to understand what purchases qualify. Premium optical retailers, like LensCrafters, fill up fast, so you’ll want to schedule an appointment early. You may need to provide receipts, so hold on to necessary paper …

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Contact lens technology

Get better vision with smarter contacts

While a quality pair of glasses can complement any outfit, sometimes you just might be more in the mood for contacts. You’re in luck, too, because new advancements range anywhere from automatic adjustments depending on varying light conditions to monitoring …

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See vision benefits clearly

5 easy ways to see your vision benefits more clearly

  The smartphone has proven to be one of the most quickly adopted consumer technologies in recent history, according to Pew Internet Research.[1] And while the internet changed a lot about the way people communicate, mobile technology is transforming the …

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New lens technology bends to fit your lifestyle

From the slopes to the cinema, new lens technology bends to fit your lifestyle

These days even the sky isn’t the limit for scientists developing better lens technology. From specially designed lenses that adapt to an astronaut’s vision changes in space[1] to lenses that illuminate the best colors for your golf game, eye technology …

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Family sitting outside with young children drawing

How to make sure your child isn’t the 1 in 4 with an undetected vision issue

It’s hard to imagine that newborn babies can only see about 8-12 inches away, with anything beyond all a blur.[1] It’s even harder to imagine just how crucial a strong visual system is for a child’s overall development, with 80% …

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Three women getting on their mark to start a race.

On your mark, get set, see the world of difference a pair of glasses can make

If you make more than $1.90 a day, you are better off than 767 million people around the world living in poverty.[1] At $1.90 per day, less than the average cost Americans pay for a cup of coffee, priorities look …

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Blue light comes from the sun too

Tips to protect your eyes from the blue light in the sky

You’ve heard it before. Too much screen time can be straining on the eyes and could potentially increase the risk of  cataracts or macular degeneration.[1] It’s all thanks to blue light ─ glaring from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Even …

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Hearing and Seeing

See better, hear better, feel better: keeping tabs on your sight and sound throughout the years

We stay fit and healthy to enjoy all of life’s amazing moments – from what we see and hear to what we taste, smell and touch. But what happens when one (or more) of our senses starts to fade? It’s …

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Blue light from tablet

Stave off the blues: Specially designed lenses can filter potentially harmful blue light

Are digital screens keeping you up at night leaving you sluggish the next day? Sounds like it could be time to ask your eye doctor about options to keep the blues at bay. With the average person spending 7.4 hours …

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Understanding your vision benefits

When a bird’s eye view isn’t enough: Understanding your vision benefits

In today’s digital culture, concentration and attention are at a premium,1 which means we may only give seconds, if any, to the fine print. And when it comes to understanding your vision benefits, you may not be seeing all that’s …

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How eyeglasses are made

Making a spectacle: How glasses are crafted

When it comes to getting a pair of glasses, looks can be deceiving. We see them as functional fashion, but in reality eyeglasses are the Teslas of the personal style world – objects of beauty borne of impressive feats in …

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Lens offers for summer

Everyday savings from EyeMed make eye protection easy

If you wear eyeglasses and spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to consider prescription sunglasses. Providing convenience, comfort and protection, they can enhance your time outside and give you peace of mind that you are shielding your …

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Need to buy glasses online? Here are 8 things to know

Our digital devices have made online shopping more secure and convenient than ever1. But, buyers beware – not all online stores are created equal. And that’s especially true when it comes to glasses. Here are 8 things to know before …

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Not seeing – or hearing – like you used to?

Since EyeMed is focused on your total health and wellness, members get access to affordable hearing care discounts through Amplifon, the world’s largest distributor of hearing aids and services. And because hearing and vision loss can go hand in hand, …

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Make the leap to contacts.

Glasses not your thing? Here’s how to make sure contacts are right for you.

Whether you have an active lifestyle, need peripheral vision correction or simply want freedom from eyeglasses, contact lenses could be the right choice for you. Contact lenses are even easier to wear and available for more patients’ prescriptions with advancements …

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father and daughter

Big lessons from small type: Understanding your vision benefits

For important documents or contracts, we’re often advised to read the small print. Yet when it comes to vision benefits, we could be seeing less than what’s being offered. We know that many people have much to learn about their …

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woman at an eye exam

Million-dollar views: Advanced technology in eye exams

Forty years after television actor Lee Majors wowed the nation with the spectacular powers of his bionic eye, major medical institutions are implanting the real thing. Meanwhile, in the neighborhood offices of eye-care professionals, examinations that would have impressed the Six …

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