5 easy ways to see your vision benefits more clearly

See vision benefits clearly

The smartphone has proven to be one of the most quickly adopted consumer technologies in recent history, according to Pew Internet Research.[1] And while the internet changed a lot about the way people communicate, mobile technology is transforming the where and how of it.[2]

What does this mean for how you receive and manage your benefits? A recent industry study focused on understanding what a great digital experience looks like for an empowered health consumer (Read: you).[3] Here’s what they found:

  • 63% wanted to submit or manage claims digitally
  • 61% wanted to see their printable ID cards online
  • 70% wanted to see an explanation of benefits via digital channels

Text alerts

Stay in-the-know with new text alerts from EyeMed:

  • Wellness information
  • Special offers
  • Benefits reminders
  • Quick tips and guides

Download sign-up instructions (PDF)

This is great news for you because EyeMed members already have access to a suite of tools that allow you to do all these things, however it fits your life. Manage claims? Check. Find ID info and explanation of benefits? Check, check.

“Whether you tap or type, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for members to use their benefits,” says Matt MacDonald, EyeMed’s vice president of marketing and operations. “And with nearly 50 million members, easy needs to be adaptable.”

Let’s break it down. You get 5 easy tools to better understand and manage your EyeMed benefits, and keep tabs on your vision wellness:

  1. Welcome Kit: Here’s where you get the up-front scoop in understanding how to get the most from your benefits.
  2. EyeMed.com: Think of this as your Old Faithful; it’s the go-to for answers, finding an eye doctor and managing claims.
  3. EyeMed Members App: If you prefer to take your benefits with you, you can manage via mobile, with a few extras.
  4. Text alerts: Perfect for those who want to be in-the-know, in and instant.
  5. EyeSiteOnWellness.com: Gives you all the info you need to keep an eye on your vision health.

Pick 1 tool or all 5. Player’s choice. Your amazing is out there; we want to make sure you see every bit of it.

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