3 ways to get the most from your end-of-year benefits

So, you’ve got vision benefits? That’s good news since they help you save money, stay healthy and see everything life has to offer.

Your vision plan outlines what your benefits cover and when you can use them; Here’s a great read to help you understand how. Not all, but many plans are based on a calendar year, which means there’s typically an end-of year rush to use benefits.  But this isn’t a typical year. This year, managing that rush will be particularly important.

Here are 3 ways to help you safely take advantage of your benefits before they run out.

1. Plan ahead

Many providers are taking extra safety precautions, like limiting the number of customers in the store to maintain social distancing, as well as increasing how often they clean equipment, glasses and store surfaces.

While necessary, these protocols mean you’ll want to schedule your end-of-year appointment a little earlier. (Hint: Now’s a good time.) You’ll also want to call your eye doctor ahead to confirm hours and ask about any changes that may necessitate spending more time in-office.

2. Look for the badge

When it’s time to find an in-network eye doctor, take a spin through our new Provider Locator and look for the Safety Ready1 badge. It’s an easy way for you to locate providers who’ve let us know they follow safety and cleanliness guidelines.

You can also search by location, hours, brands, services — even languages spoken.

3. Grab your FSA cash

This year flexibility is key, so why not tap into your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? If you have one through your employer, an FSA allows you to funnel pre-tax dollars into an account to be used for qualifying health expenses, like copays, deductibles and most prescriptions, including glasses and contacts. Check your specific FSA guidelines to understand what purchases qualify.

Combined with your vision benefits, it’s like a double way to save.

Speaking of savings, EyeMed members also get access to everyday offers and deals from participating in-network providers, like LensCrafters®.  Log in to Member Web and check special offers before you head to your exam.

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1See eyemed.com/en-us/coronavirus-eyehealth for details on Safety Ready provider confirmation criteria