How lifestyle lenses could help improve your work life

man at his desk

Whether it’s work, home or play, most of us prepare ourselves from head to toe to adjust to different activities and environments. It could be a mistake to skip your eyes, especially at the workplace.

An estimated 75% of people use some form of vision correction,1 and many who choose eyeglasses carry the same pair from home to the workplace. But are those glasses the best choice for optimum productivity and overall health?

New specialty lenses, and in particular workplace lenses, are being designed to work a little differently, offering high levels of quality and adaptability so they can easily adjust to varying environments — perfect for today’s lifestyle.

Let’s look at why you might need a separate pair of workplace lenses, and how they are designed to accommodate our work life in both function and style.

Why you may need modern lifestyle and workplace glasses

Work environments may vary, but when it comes to clear vision, safety and comfort apply from the office to the firehouse. Among the conditions your eyes may encounter:

  • Digital exposure: Extended periods in front of a computer can lead to eyestrain. Telltale signs include difficulty focusing and irritation. Blue light, fatigue, dry eyes and poor lighting are all factors.2
  • Continuous refocusing: Some jobs, like plumbing and surgery, require sharp attention to detail. For workers who are both nearsighted and farsighted, this could mean straining to see objects out of focus when looking up from work.
  • Dust, chips and chemicals: The smallest particles can cause eye injuries from chemical burns to punctures. Prescription safety glasses with strong, break-resistant lenses and protective side shields can help protect workers’ eyes from foreign substances, cuts and scratches.2

5 lens technologies designed and crafted for work

Vision experts are developing a range of high-performing, specialized lenses to address these and other workplace considerations. Consider these newer-to-market solutions from LensCrafters:

  1. Modern lifestyle lenses* can include blue light-filtering and anti-reflective technology, as well as a “boost” in the lenses for high-digital days.
  2. Workspace progressive lenses* provide clear vision for near and middle distances for seamless focus from the work in front of us to a passing co-worker.
  3. Expanded View progressive lenses* adapt quickly to objects up close and at arms’ length and can be tailored to match the wearer’s dominant hand and eye shape.
  4. Night lenses help reduce glare and reflection, an important factor for hired drivers, emergency response workers and others who clock in after dark.
  5. Photochromic lenses, such as Transitions®, adjust automatically to the level of light exposure. This means you can work indoors and outdoors without switching glasses. The latest lens version, Transitions® Signature® GEN 8, adapts faster than ever. Or workers can comfortably transition from light to dark completely frame-free — photochromic options are now available in contacts as well.

All of these lens technologies can be designed to fit pretty much any frame, so workers can look and feel on top of their game.

Free eyeglass tools make it easy

Eyeglass wearers can talk to their opticians for guidance on which features make sense for their specialized needs. Online tools can come in handy too, like this Lens Guide or Find Your Look style quiz from LensCrafters.

Whatever the choice, workers should pay at least as much attention to choosing their lenses as they do to their work attire. The right pair of eyeglasses can help us stand out not just for looks, but for performance.

This article is an advertisement. * The phrases “Modern lifestyle lenses” and “Expanded view progressive lenses” are unique to LensCrafters.

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