3 Ps of summer eyewear: Protection, polarization, panache

two women wearing sunglasses in a car

The name of the eye game any season of the year is protection, but especially in the summer when there’s more daylight reflecting off a variety of surfaces – water, windows, hot pavement.

That’s where polarization comes into play. While UV protection is all about blocking potentially harmful rays, polarization cuts down on glare. Add in a little panache, and you’ve got a powerful, protective combination that makes a bold statement.

We’re unpacking the 3 Ps of summer eyewear – just in time for National Sunglasses Day this June 27.


There are 2 types of UV Rays that make it through the Earth’s ozone: UV-A and UV-B. Exposure to both can contribute to a host of eye problems, from macular degeneration (gradual destruction of the light-sensitive part of the eye called the macula) to corneal sunburn.1

That’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend looking for shades that block 99 to 100 % of both UV-A and UV-B radiation.2 Most sunglasses these days have some form of protection, but all glasses are not created equal. You’ll want to purchase from a reputable vendor to be sure the shades are as advertised.

Protection is important for everyone, kids included. They tend to spend more time outdoors than adults, plus their lenses aren’t yet developed.3 And since sun damage is cumulative over time, it’s important to protect early and often.4


It sounds a little complicated, but polarized light waves are essentially concentrations of light moving in the same direction. Sometimes up and down, sometimes side to side. It’s the horizontal waves that can result in glare, muted colors and dull details.

Acting like Venetian blinds for your eyes, polarized lenses help neutralize reflected horizontal light and let microscopic vertical light through. This specialized filtering is designed to eliminate bright light from reflective surfaces (think anti-glare), changing how you see through sunglasses.

By reducing glare, some activities like driving or water sports can be more enjoyable.


While a more precise, vibrant and colorful view may be what you see with polarized lenses, a pair of stylish sunglasses can also impact how you see yourself — and how others see you.

From sassy squares to classic aviators, styles and materials abound to help you make just the right personal statement. Are you square, oval, round or heart? This face shape tool from Sunglass Hut can help you figure out the best style to frame your face.

Though these 3 Ps apply to all sunglasses, there’s another P in the mix: prescription. Whether you need an off-the-rack pair of designer shades or tailored Rx lenses, check with your eye doctor to help determine what’s right for you.

With longer days upon us, don’t forget to grab your shades before you get outdoors. Join the movement: Celebrate #NationalSunglassesDay by posting a #SunglassSelfie wearing your favorite shades. Need to pick the perfect pair before the big day? Sunglass Hut has you covered with a wide selection of styles. Shop now.

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