Eye-vexing allergies and how to relieve them

From the northwest coast to the southern shores, common allergies can affect our eyes at different times of the year. We’ve got a list of common allergies – by region and season – and simple ways to protect your eyes …


How to decide if contacts are right for you

If getting new glasses is similar to getting a new pair of shoes, then changing from glasses to contacts is more like learning how to ride a bike. Contacts aren’t an accessory change. They’re a lifestyle change. Glasses are easy. …


One of the most important photos you’ll ever take

Like your mobile device, your camera and your music collection, eye exams have entered the digital age. That means at your next appointment, your eye doctor could document the exam through retinal imaging—a process that tracks changes in your eye …


  • 80% of learning in the first 12 years comes through the eyes

    Source: The Discovery Eye Foundation, Learning-related vision problems, July 2014.