You’ve got your face mask. Now what about eye protection?

It wasn’t that long ago face masks were reserved for hospitals or Halloween. Now, from grocery stores to public parks, they’re main stream and they might be here to stay — at least for a little while. Why the mask, …


Kids getting more screen time? Enjoy with limits

A screen may be a child’s distraction, but to young eyes it can be a disturbance. Children begin carrying digital devices from the moment their dimpled fingers can hold them. In fact, children under age 8 on average now spend …


Eyewear that works for video conferencing

While we’re physically distanced these days, more employees are connecting via video conferencing (hello, Zoom boom). For those of us that wear glasses, our medical-device-meets-facial-accessory is more front and center than ever before. That means now is a great time …


  • Source: Optometrists Network, Vision Therapy for Learning, April 2021.