How to choose an eye doctor

It may be human nature to surround ourselves with people who see things the way we do. But we should also include a few who see things a little differently. This applies especially to your eye doctor. The person you …


Myopia: Closing in on a looming vision condition

What turns leaves into green blobs, is longer than it is round and is shared by nearly half the people you know? The answer is closer than you might think. Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is the most common cause …


Healthy contact lens habits

Follow these contact lens do’s and dont’s to help protect your vision. Infections related to poor contact lens behavior are no joking matter and can even lead to vision loss. Stay on top of a good routine and don’t forget …


  • 80% of learning in the first 12 years comes through the eyes

    Source: The Discovery Eye Foundation, Learning-related vision problems, July 2014.