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Your sweet-spot for interactive tools and resources on everything vision.   You will find vision quizzes, videos, infographics, and much more. Learn what frames best fit your personality, the history of sunglasses and how well you know your vision-ary quotes.

Vision quizzes & more

what animals eyes do you have

Animal eyes quiz

Are you blind as a bat? Can you see as sharply as an eagle? Find out what type of animal your vision mirrors in this interactive quiz.

History of Sunglasses

History of sunglasses

Join us as we travel back in time and take a closer look at the evolution of sunglasses.

frame your personality quiz

Framing your personality quiz

Find out what your personality says about the type of frames you should buy by taking this short quiz.

Winter vision facts

Shocking winter eye facts

Winter can be rough on eyes. Germs, low temperatures, snowballs, icicles. It’s a winter wonderland of vision hazards.

Eye disease simulator

Eye simulator

Ever wonder what your loved one with macular degeneration really sees? Walk through a simulation of common eye diseases.

Vision science or myth

Science or myth

Our helpful, healthful quiz gives you an eyeful of ways to improve your vision.

Visionary quotes quiz

Visionary quotes quiz

See if you have a keen insight
into these visionary legends’

Kids vision behavior

Beyond your child’s behavior

Can you identify these common warning signs of vision problems in kids?

 Lens Technology

Behind the lens

Your go-to guide to lens technology. This handy guide will help make you a lens extraordinaire in no time.

Color deficiency quiz

Color blindness

Do you see colors like everyone else?  Do you know what people with color deficiencies see?  Take this quiz to detect how you see color and check out examples of what color blind or deficient individuals see.

Vision videos

Ask Dr. Lahr video series

EyeMed’s own Dr. Lahr is here to answer your vision questions in this series of brief videos.

Inside scoop on eye exams

Ever wonder why eye exams are so important? Curious about what to expect at your next visit? Watch this video to get the inside scoop.

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