8 things to know before you buy glasses online

Sophisticated mobile technology has made online shopping more secure and convenient than ever1. But, buyers beware – not all online stores are created equal. In fact, within the vision industry, results from a study conducted by the American Optometric Association …


Head hurt? The link between migraines and your eyes.

We all know that headaches can signal it’s time for an eye exam. But what is the connection between a migraine and vision care? Sometimes it’s just referred pain to your eyes, but other times it could mean something more. …


Unblurring the lines to corrected vision: What your symptoms mean

If you’re finding the world a little out of focus, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Roughly 75 percent of Americans experience vision symptoms that require eyeglasses, contact lenses or other care, according to the Vision Council of America.1 …


  • 80% of learning in the first 12 years comes through the eyes

    Source: The Discovery Eye Foundation, Learning-related vision problems, July 2014.