• Understand your vision benefits

    Make sure you’re getting the most out of your benefits, just in time for open enrollment season!

  • Blues clues

    Kids are often drawn to the glow of their handheld devices. But it could do more than just interrupt dinner time or make bedtime an occasional struggle. Read about the harmful effects of blue light on young eyes.

  • See through someone else’s eyes

    It's National Diabetes Month - walk through a simulation of common eye diseases such as diabetic retinapothy.


Million-dollar views: Advanced technology in eye exams

Forty years after television actor Lee Majors wowed the nation with the spectacular powers of his bionic eye, major medical institutions are implanting the real thing. Meanwhile, in the neighborhood offices of eye-care professionals, examinations that would have impressed the Six …


Contacts emergency! How to fix those common contact mishaps

In the 2012 animated film “Hotel Transylvania,” a cape-drawn Dracula figure is suddenly repulsed when he sees a teenage boy attempt (clumsily) to remove a contact lens from his eye. Dracula only saw the half of it. Stuck lenses, torn …


Unblurring the lines to corrected vision: What your symptoms mean

If you’re finding the world a little out of focus, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Roughly 75 percent of Americans experience vision symptoms that require eyeglasses, contact lenses or other care, according to the Vision Council of America.1 …


  • 80% of learning in the first 12 years comes through the eyes

    Source: The Discovery Eye Foundation, Learning-related vision problems, July 2014.